A leading property sales and marketing organization with extensive after-sales support

We know that collaboration ensures a smooth process, with nothing left to chance – so our range of services is comprehensive and professional.

We are a full-service, residential, commercial and multipurpose project sales organization. Our strength lies in seeing projects through from start to finish; providing expert management every step of the way, and giving clients a service that is unmatched in the industry. This can encompass everything from off-plan or completed property purchase, to design refinements and development, through to settlement and property management.

We bring a distinct advantage with our in-depth, sophisticated understanding of the local and regional markets that enables us to guide and advise clients from the moment they consider a purchase. We also ensure that every stage of the process – right through to post-sales support – is efficient and friendly.

At Xenios Xenofontos Constructions and Developers LTD we understand the true meaning of getting a residential property ‘right’, and we distinguish ourselves through our ability to maximize value for our clients.